Bardolino, enchanted village on the Garda

Bardolino, enchanted village on the Garda

If you are looking for a "new" and less known place among the towns on Lake Garda, then this village can become an interesting discovery. Because Bardolino is less famous than the renowned Sirmione or Riva del Garda, but certainly just as fascinating and attractive.

It is located on the Venetian shore of the lake, in an area between the mouth of two small streams; two sandy points that make its enviable position a suggestive panorama for those who are visiting the Benaco. And besides the lakefront, everything to go through, what to see in Bardolino?

Traces of the past

There are many places to see in Bardolino, as well as in the surrounding area, but immediately entering the town from the south, you walk along the recently renovated lakefront. It runs for a very long stretch of the lake area, on a walk with a relaxing atmosphere that allows you to admire a romantic and enchanting sunset, especially during the winter season.

Entering the heart of the town, you can admire the historic buildings, including religious and historical ones, which take you back to the past of this Lombard outpost on Lake Garda. If the most ancient traces of life are even the stilts of the lower Lake Garda (there are remains of them in the hamlet of Cisano), Bardolino was a lively center also in the ancient Roman period and, above all, in the Lombard and Carolingian period, in which all the Veronese shore became an important territory.

Among the historic buildings there are also the ancient walls, dating back to the 12th century, which house in the path of the splendid nineteenth-century villas, including Villa Carrara Bottagisio with a large park on Lake GardaVilla Marzan and Villa Guerrieri Rizzardi built on an ancient fort.

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