Madonna della Corona, a sanctuary overlooking the Adige valley

The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona is the ideal destination for those who want to combine moments of prayer and inner serenity with opportunities to relax and enjoy in...


Borghetto, the Middle Ages on the Mincio

Borghetto, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, near the Mincio


Discover the Mincio cycle/pedestrian route

The Mincio Cycle Path, stretching approximately 40 kilometers, offers a unique and fascinating experience throughout the year. Starting from the southern shores of Lake Garda, the path embraces diverse landscapes,...


Palace of the Gran Guardia and Piazza Bra

In the heart of Verona, just steps away from the Arena, beyond the nineteenth-century gardens of Piazza Bra, stands the majestic Palazzo della Gran Guardia. This imposing building with majestic...


Ponte Pietra

The Roman Bridge in Verona


The Giusti Garden

A green paradise in the heart of Verona


The Molina waterfalls

An Adventure in Contact with Nature


Thermal Park Villa dei Cedri

Villa dei Cedri in a paradise of relaxation and wellness


Sirmione, beautiful Village of the Garda Lake

The beautiful Sirmione: what to see, useful info.


The Tower of San Martino della Battaglia in Desenzano del Garda

The Tower of San Martino della Battaglia: history of the Italian Risorgimento and a wonderful 360° panorama near Desenzano del Garda.


The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in beautiful Verona

Historical notes on the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Lourdes, historical monument of Christian faith in Verona.


Palazzo Te, the Mantuan masterpiece created by Giulio Romano

Discover Palazzo Te, the magnificent building in Mantua built by Giulio Romano for the Gonzagas.


The splendid Palazzo Ducale: the residence of the Gonzagas, lords of Mantua

What to see at Palazzo Ducale: home of the Gonzagas, among the unique works of Mantegna and Pisanello.


Padenghe sul Garda Castle

The Castle of Padenghe sul Garda, an incredible view of Lake Garda.


Baia delle Sirene Park

Baia delle Sirene Park, a splendid beach on Lake Garda a stone's throw from Punta San Vigilio.


The village of Castellaro Lagusello

The village of Castellaro Lagusello, what to see and to do.


Sanctuary of the Madonna del Frassino

Sanctuary of the Madonna del Frassino in Peschiera del Garda.


The Scaliger Castle of Villafranca di Verona

What to see at the Scaligero Castle of Villafranca and its history.


Arena of Verona

Verona Arena, the famous veronese amphitheater.


Torri del Benaco

What to do and see in Torri del Benaco. Also, discover the most beautiful beaches of Torri del Benaco.


Veja Bridge

Veja Bridge the magnificent natural work that inspired Dante Alighieri and Mantegna.



Garda, a corner of paradise between history and beauty.


Parco Natura Viva

The Parco Natura Viva is today a modern Zoological Park, an important protection center for endangered species, which has been able to evolve over time to take an active role in the...


Desenzano del Garda

Not only a tourist city, but a real city alive and active in all seasons.


Castel San Pietro, the balcony on Verona

The hill of San Pietro is a suggestive hill that rises for a few hundred meters behind the Roman Theater. Its top, in an easily defensible position and close to...


Piazza delle Erbe, the ancient Roman forum

What to see in Verona: Piazza delle Erbe


Mantua, the city of art of the Gonzagas

Mantua, a Unesco World Heritage city, is a unique city, where history and ancient art constantly interact with the modernity of creative languages ​​and cultural creations. Museums, monuments, good food,...


Soave, between vineyards and castles

Soave is a town in the province of Verona. It is not clear whether it was the town that gave the name to its famous wine, or the wine that...


Valeggio and its Scaligero castle

Valeggio, its Scaligero Castle and a magnificent landscape on Borghetto.