The village of Castellaro Lagusello

The village of Castellaro Lagusello

The village of Castellaro Lagusello, straight from fairy tales.

Walking through its streets, one can get the impression that the Borgo di Castellaro Lagusello, has come straight out of a fairy tale book. You breathe an air of other times in the romantic Borgo di Castellaro, at times melancholy and nostalgic for the landscape that can be seen: its hills, fields and finally the lake.
We are located in the municipality of Monzambano, in the province of Mantua, where this pretty village, from its small hill, overlooks a small lake.
The name "Castellaro" derives from the function to which it was used in the 11th century. as a simple "castelliere". Basically, being composed at the time of a wall still without houses inside, it was a temporary refuge, overlooking a "lagusello", or a small lake.
The ancient Guelph walls, the river stone paving, the exposed stones of the houses of the rectory have been saved from the original fortified village.

What to See

The Clock Tower

The Borgo di Castellaro Lagusello is accessed by means of a large door, where once there was also a drawbridge, we immediately find a tower: the Clock Tower.
This imposing tower stands out among the surrounding buildings and indicates the time to anyone who passes by.

The Church of San Nicola

Following the trada, you arrive at the Church of San Nicola, patron saint of the small Borgo di Castellaro Lagusello. Inside the church, there is a wooden Madonna from the 15th century.
A relaxed atmosphere surrounds the chapel with a single nave from around 1700.

The alleys of the historic center

Continuing the walk through the voletti of the historic center we finally reach a pizzetta, where the castle once stood.
The fortress of Castellaro was built around 1100 - 1200 around, thanks to the Scaligeri. With the passage of time, however, it was a reason for disputes by many other municipalities and families due to its strategic position. Thus it was that in 1600 it passed under the ownership of the Arrighi counts and thus lost its defense function, becoming part of a noble residence.
To date, in the square you will find the Villa Arrighi, which still retains part of the surrounding walls and the tower, from which you can enjoy a suggestive view of the lake and the surrounding area.

The Church of San Giovanni

Near Villa Arrighi there is another small church, the Church of San Giuseppe, dating back to around 1700, which preserves 17th century paintings inside.

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